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News / Dec. 10th 2018
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

If good communication is a bridge where funders and grantees have to meet halfway, it’s actually up to the foundations to take the first step.

News / Jul. 20th 2018

This week’s Business of Giving features Maya Winkelstein, executive director of Open Road Alliance, which aims to bring conversations about risk to the forefront in philanthropy. Seventy-six percent of grant makers the organization interviewed said they do not ask charities at any time during their application process what could go… Read more »

News / Jun. 21st 2018

“This data suggests that the biggest barriers to effective impact and the greatest pain points for nonprofits and social enterprises are their own funders.” I expect this news comes as a shock to many funders, who are generally trying to affect positive change in the world. But at Open Road Alliance, unfortunately, this finding didn’t come with too much surprise.

News / Apr. 12th 2018
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

When foundations try to identify obstacles to a grantee’s success, they had better look in the mirror.

That’s according to a new analysis of 102 nonprofit projects that ran into trouble and required cash. Grant makers, government agencies, and other donors were to blame for the disruption in nearly half of these cases, often because they changed their funding strategy or delayed promised money.

News / Mar. 5th 2018

This article is the final in a four-part series sharing what Open Road Alliance has learned about risk management in philanthropy and how the organization has evolved over the past five years to better address the need for fast, flexible contingency funding in the sector.