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News / Jan. 29th 2019

We are looking for a mid-level professional to manage and lead all of Open Road’s data collection and analysis processes. A new position for Open Road, the candidate will have a strong technical background in data systems, analysis, statistics, modeling, and a variety of data management software programs.

News / Jan. 17th 2019

Candidate Profile We are looking for a mid-level professional to help source, vet, recommend, and manage Open Road’s core investment portfolio. The ideal candidate will have minimum 5 years experience managing a loan portfolio or other finance experience and a proven interest in the philanthropic/impact investing space. While our portfolio… Read more »

News / Dec. 10th 2018
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

If good communication is a bridge where funders and grantees have to meet halfway, it’s actually up to the foundations to take the first step.

News / Jul. 20th 2018

This week’s Business of Giving features Maya Winkelstein, executive director of Open Road Alliance, which aims to bring conversations about risk to the forefront in philanthropy. Seventy-six percent of grant makers the organization interviewed said they do not ask charities at any time during their application process what could go… Read more »