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Systemic bottlenecks continue to constrain and delay the timely deployment of impact capital. Join the first impact investor focused on "unsticking" and accelerating impact for companies addressing the world’s urgent challenges like climate change and inequality. Since its launch in March 2020, the Impact Fund has disbursed $50+ million in loans to more than 68 companies.

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Impact Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

What impact will the Impact Fund provide investors?

Every dollar invested in the Open Road Impact Fund is recycled at least four times. Every recycled dollar we lend returns 10X in additional follow-on financing.


Through its leveraged model, the Impact Fund is projected to disburse $75M+ during its five-year term. By the Fund’s maturity in 2025, it will have supported over 150 impact companies. 

What safeguards does Open Road use to ensure that borrowers repay their loans?

We are highly-specialized experts in the niche market of short-term bridge financing. Our first fund, Open Road Ventures, proved both the market need for this type of financing and our ability to successfully identify those organizations with the highest likelihood of repayment. 


Our proprietary risk assessment process is specific to the market of bridge financing. Core to Open Road’s repayment success is our customer service credo and focus on impact, which aligns our repayment with the goals of our borrowers. We source most of our pipeline directly from other impact investing organizations, creating a trusted network of referral partners.