The Situation

VIA Global Health is the leading global health purchasing platform. With a network of verified medical distributors, VIA streamlines the medical supply chain into emerging markets, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for medical professionals around the world to get the tools they need. Founded in 2015, VIA has operations across the globe and has become the trusted source for medical devices and supplies for medical professionals across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The Roadblock

VIA is part of a global consortium supporting the Saving Lives at Birth program, a USAID-led effort to end preventable child and maternal deaths. In 2018, the program funder sent a notice indicating the possibility of a budget shortfall for the remaining program year. The consortium lead immediately issued a stop-work order for each of the partners for the remainder of the fiscal year pending the outcome of contracting negotiations with the donor. The gap in funding put VIA's ability to maintain capacity and deliver on critical program milestones in jeopardy.

Open Road's Response

ORA provided a $131,387 loan to VIA to help cover their immediate cash flow needs and deliver on their Saving Lives at Birth commitments for the next six months. With these funds, VIA was able to maintain key global and local staff and local offices, sustain engagement with local distributor partners, and fulfill their role in developing and rolling out innovative and impactful health products.

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