The Situation

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) is a world leader in relieving population-wide psychological trauma and stress. By training local healthcare providers, educators and community leaders to teach children and adults simple, scientifically validated self-care techniques, CMBM teaches thousands to heal millions.

The Opportunity

Soon after CMBM received funding to bring 20 community leaders from Pine Ridge Reservation to the PTP in Minnesota, a suicide epidemic hit the Pine Ridge reservation. In the first nine months of 2015, 18 youth took their lives on Pine Ridge and more than 175 attempted to do so. A wave of fear and despair rippled through the community, affecting nearly every family.

Amidst this crisis, the 20 community leaders scheduled to come to the PTP in Minnesota were unable to leave their community to attend the training, which was now needed more than ever.

As a result of this acute need for trauma-relief services, CMBM had to shift its plans and bring the PTP training to Pine Ridge. However, the associated costs of bringing the training to the reservation required an additional $56,378.

Open Road's Response

A $56,378 charitable grant from Open Road permitted CMBM to deliver its Professional Training Program (PTP) in mind-body medicine to the Pine Ridge community. Moreover, by bringing the training to the community, CMBM was able to train 75 community members instead of the 20 originally slated to travel to Minnesota, thereby significantly increasing their reach and impact. Moving the training also allowed CMBM to build a model for trauma relief in Native communities.

CMBM’s ability to complete the initial training in mind-­body skills to 75 community leaders, immediately saw the benefits of the model: building the capacity of caregivers to help prevent Native youth suicide.

In addition, the successful completion of the PTP secured the Pine Ridge leadership’s commitment to continue working with CMBM. The completion of the PTP also provided the proof of concept necessary for CMBM to secure a 2 year, $200K grant from Battery Powered to provide an Advanced Training in mind-body Medicine, mentorship and supervision to 75 community leaders who will provide healing to 1050 of the most traumatized children and youth and their families on Pine Ridge.

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