The Situation

Food for Education is a Kenya-based organization providing school lunches to more than 10,000 children daily, with the goal of ending classroom hunger. Food for Education leverages local resources and uses innovative technology to make the production and distribution of nutritious meals efficient, cost-effective, and scalable. Meals are paid for and managed through Tap2Eat™, a digital mobile platform. Since its inception, Food for Education has served more than 3 million schoolchildren.

The Roadblock

With all schools in Kenya closed indefinitely due to COVID-19, millions of children who depend on school meals are now hungry. Beyond school closures, the economic impact of COVID-19 has left even more children and families vulnerable. Increased layoffs and tightening family budgets have put children and their families at grave risk of hunger, malnutrition, and the long-term consequences of undernourishment.

Open Road's Response

With a charitable grant of $100,000 from ORA, Food for Education launched a food bank for families enrolled in their program and increased school meals subsidies for when schools resume. By providing a six-week food ration, they are helping to cushion families from the economic impact of COVID-19. Their food packages and cash transfers have provided over 1,500,000 meals to kids and their families at home during this COVID-19 period.

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