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Open Road sees every grant and loan it makes as an investment for social impact. We provide fast, flexible capital via Charitable Grants and Loans. Our portfolios exclusively support mid-implementation projects to keep impact on track.

Investment Criteria
How to Manage Risk

We believe that in order to get the greatest social impact out of philanthropic dollars, NGOs and funders need to have open conversations about the risks involved in each project. When these conversations don’t happen, risks turn into roadblocks and impact is in jeopardy.

Research & Tools

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Open Road Resource
Contingency Strategies, Mitigation Strategies, Monitoring Risk, Risk Identification
Risk Management Toolkit
10 Tools to help donors incorporate risk and risk management into their daily grantmaking.
Open Road Resource
Roadblock Analysis Report
The findings from this multivariable roadblock analysis provide the first-ever empirical dataset on “what goes wrong” in impact- focused projects and offer early conclusions on how specific roadblocks correlate with other variables.

Open Road In The News

News / Jan. 13, 2017
New York Times
A Tool Kit for the Donor Eager to Grasp All the Risks of Donation
by Paul Sullivan
“We designed the tool kit very deliberately, so a foundation could take it in total or pick and choose tools à la carte,” said Maya Winkelstein, who served as chairwoman of the group, called the Commons. “Our hope is people will print off the tool kit and bring it to their staff meetings or their board meetings or to their C.F.O. of programming.”
News / May. 19, 2017
Navigating Risk in Impact-Focused Philanthropy
This special supplement in Stanford Social Innovation Review, produced by Open Road Alliance in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, examines the concept of risk in philanthropy, providing insights, examples, and practical steps to help philanthropists better account for and manage risk as an integral part of the grantmaking process.