In 2015, Open Road Alliance conducted a study to assess the need for contingency funding in philanthropy. They surveyed 200 nonprofits and 200 foundations to explore how often projects require contingency funding and are subsequently granted that funding, the capacity organizations have to deal with disruptive and unexpected events, and the consequences of denied requests for projects and for the funder-grantee relationship.

In 2017, to build on the findings from its 2015 study, Open Road commissioned Harder+Company Community Research to conduct a more in-depth assessment of what happens to nonprofits when they encounter unexpected catastrophic roadblocks and how foundations respond to offer support. The current study focuses on the following evaluation questions:

  • How often do unexpected roadblocks occur for nonprofits?
  • How do foundations and nonprofits prepare for and respond to unexpected roadblocks?
  • What are the effects of unexpected roadblocks for nonprofits and foundations?

This databook summarizes responses to all of the questions from both the foundation and nonprofit surveys.

Download Survey Databook