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Fundraising Guide for Community Based Organizations

Jan. 6th 2015
Open Road Alliance


Open Road’s partner, Women Thrive Worldwide, has teamed up with New Field Foundation to close the information gap on grassroots fundraising through the development of a fundraising guide equipped with practical instruction and information. Click Here to download the report and learn more

Washington, DC–Women Thrive Worldwide is a US-based non-profit that strives for a world in which men and women work together as equals to produce familial and community growth. Women Thrive advocates for change in the US and international levels for gender equality in enjoyment of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice and freedom from fear of violence. The organization works towards its mission by partnering with locally based organizations and creating coalitions to advance the interests of the women and girls they represent.

Through Women Thrive’s experience over the years it has discovered a pattern of inexperience and lack of information in global grassroots fundraising. In response to the trend, Women Thrive teamed up with New Field Foundation, which has globally supported women’s organizations for more than 12 years. The two organizations created a Fundraising Guide to help grassroots organizations in their development efforts. The guide provides practical instructions, valuable insights and essential information on how to raise funds from a variety of donors. The guide also highlights the profiles of over 30 funders that support grassroots organizations globally.

New Field Foundation Executive Director Sarah Hobson best explains the need for such a guide: “Around the globe, amazing grassroots women’s organizations are making great strides in overcoming poverty, violence, and injustice in their communities: But they need serious resources to advance their work and often have difficulty in accessing funds due to lack of information, limited fundraising capacity, and other constraints”.

Women Thrive Worldwide and New Field Foundation hope that this guide can close the information gap and provide grassroots organizations necessary fundraising guidance.

Visit this web page for a full copy of the guide: Fundraising Guide