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News / May. 24th 2017
The Rockefeller Foundation

“Philanthropy is risk capital.” If you work in philanthropy, you’ve likely heard that phrase many times. But a survey conducted by Open Road Alliance in 2015 clearly showed that as a sector, we’re not great about discussing risk, with 76 percent of funders reporting that they don’t ask grantees to talk… Read more »

News / May. 19th 2017

This special supplement in Stanford Social Innovation Review, produced by Open Road Alliance in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, examines the concept of risk in philanthropy, providing insights, examples, and practical steps to help philanthropists better account for and manage risk as an integral part of the grantmaking process.

News / Apr. 10th 2017
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Open Road’s Executive Director, Maya Winkelstein, is featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “On the Rise” series for her leadership and work at the intersection of risk and philanthropy.

News / Mar. 13th 2017
The Denver Post

An important new report has developed a framework for understanding and valuing the role of risk in contemporary philanthropy. The Open Road Alliance, The Rockefeller Foundation and Arabella Advisors collaborated on “Risk Management for Philanthropy – a Toolkit,” which is described as “the first practical, comprehensive framework providing guidance to funders on how to implement best practices in risk-management.”

News / Jan. 30th 2017
Exponent Philanthropy

To help small-staffed foundations, families, and individual donors more easily navigate the Risk Management Toolkit, we offer the following key takeaways and three “top tools” to consider to bring a greater risk awareness and practice to your work.

News / Jan. 26th 2017
Nonprofit Quarterly

  A new philanthropic project called the Open Road Alliance has been established to help grantees that hit snags in promised projects. It is intended both to help the grantees complete projects and educate funders about the need to be supportive when such snags appear. The Haitian nonprofit organization SOIL… Read more »