Application Process

We understand that emergencies can’t wait. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Our full process from inquiry to decision typically takes two to six weeks.

1. Inquiry Submission
The process begins when you submit an inquiry through our Salesforce platform.
2. Initial Review
A member of our social investments team will review the submitted inquiry and determine eligibility.
3. Initial Call
We will schedule an initial conversation to learn more about your situation and will continue our internal review.
4. Submission
Potential partners will be invited to complete a short online application.
5. Review & Revise
A member of our team will work with you to refine your application and prepare for investment committee review.
6. Final Call & Decision
Potential partners will join the Investment Committee for a final interview and a decision will be made within one week.

Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a grant? What are your terms?

Open Road provides grants only to nonprofit organizations addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions.


Charitable grants are designed to address an unexpected roadblock or opportunity


Roadblocks are scenarios in which a disruptive event, beyond the NGO’s control, has derailed, stalled, or otherwise threatened the success of the on-going project. The disruptive event jeopardizes both the original investment and the anticipated impact.


Opportunities are scenarios in which a mid-implementation project unexpectedly encounters or is offered a chance to catalytically multiply its impact. These opportunities typically arise from sources outside of the program and are not a result of project iteration or natural scale/growth.


In either case the proposed scenario must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must be mid-implementation.*
  • The roadblock or opportunity must be unexpected.
  • The solution to removing the roadblock must be discrete, so that a one-time infusion of funds will allow the NGO to fix the problem. Similarly, capitalizing upon an opportunity must be a discrete action that can be completed within a tangible timeline. 
  • The project carries a significant potential to lead to catalytic results.



  • Non-repayable, one-time, charitable grants
  • Average size: $80,000 – $120,000



  • Charitable grants are almost always given to non-profit organizations where there is a loss of funding instead of a timing issue.
  • Open Road looks for a multiplier effect where the grant will have outsized impact on a given sector.
Why grants?

Most traditional grant programs are inflexible, restrictive, and slow. Because NGOs cannot access additional capital quickly, even high performing programs are stymied when obstacles are encountered mid-implementation.


To address this issue, Open Road provides grant capital to help NGO’s manage unexpected disruptions. Specifically, we deploy our charitable and recoverable grants when a mid-implementation project encounters an unexpected roadblock or opportunity. We provide the necessary, fast, flexible capital to help organizations meet unanticipated challenges.