The world is unpredictable. No amount of planning can prevent unscripted events from causing disruption. However, the philanthropic financial market is not structured to deal with the unexpected.

The Problem

Most traditional grantmaking programs have inflexible, restrictive, slow, and unwieldy procedures for releasing funds. Many do not provide funds outside of their fixed grant cycles at all. These practices leave grantmakers unprepared to help non-profits who need funds quickly to manage contingencies. This structure leaves well-conceived programs with little or no access to capital when unanticipated obstacles are encountered mid-implementation.

The result? Many projects stall or stop completely. Alternatively, the implementing NGO pushes forward on insufficient resources or diverts other allocated funds to the detriment of efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately impact.

The funders who invested in the project at the outset forfeit their social return alongside the non-profits and beneficiaries who may suffer even more severely. In a community of philanthropists seeking to maximize impact through deploying capital, this structure is a poor investment proposition, and one that we can change.

Open Road Alliance
  • Investments

    We provide the necessary, fast, flexible capital to help organizations overcome the unexpected. Open Road funds are available to mid-implementation projects encountering an unexpected roadblock. We also provide funds to help organizations capitalize on a discrete and unexpected opportunity. All our investments are designed to maximize the impact of the pre-existing project

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  • Research

    Through our portfolio of investments and independent research, we identify, seek to understand, and increase visibility for the unanticipated challenges that non-profits face.

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  • Advocacy

    By sharing this data with our grantees and peers, we work to improve the dialogue between philanthropists and the organizations they support. Our goal is to decrease the frequency of these unexpected funding shortfalls and increase the effectiveness of grantmaking within our sector as a whole.

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ORA Case Studies
  • Sidai
    Geographic Region: East Africa
    Fund: Loan
  • Hello Tractor
    Geographic Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
    Fund: Loan
  • TILT Forward Initiative and DreamFund (Association for Enterprise Opportunity)
    Geographic Region: USA
    Fund: Loan
  • Carbon Roots International
    Geographic Region: Caribbean | Haiti
    Fund: Loan
  • TakaTaka Solutions
    Geographic Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
    Fund: Recoverable Grants
  • Homeboy Recycling (Isidore Electronics Recycling)
    Geographic Region: Southern California, U.S.A.
    Fund: Recoverable Grants
  • Worldreader
    Geographic Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
    Fund: Charitable Grants
  • Muso
    Geographic Region: Global
    Fund: Charitable Grants

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