Risk Management Toolkit

This Toolkit is the first practical, comprehensive framework providing guidance to funders on how to implement best practices in risk management. The Toolkit includes ten adoptable and adaptable tools that cover a spectrum of practice including how to determine your organizational risk profile and how to integrate specific financial, governance, and other procedural risk management activities into daily philanthropic practice. The tools are designed to be used in total or a la carte. Ultimately, the Toolkit is meant to facilitate and mainstream comprehensive risk management in philanthropy in order to preserve and maximize impact.


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Contingency Strategies, Mitigation Strategies
How to Build Effective Funder-Grantee Relationships
One of the most fundamental aspects of risk management lies within the funder-grantee relationship itself. Use this tool to build transparency and trust between funders and nonprofits.
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Group of business people having a business meeting
How to Implement Non-Financial Risk Mitigation Strategies
Financial support is not the only way to mitigate risk, and it is not necessarily the most effective measure in every circumstance. This document outlines non- nancial strategies that funders could consider pursuing to partner with grantees in addressing and mitigating risks.
Open Road Resource
How to Incorporate Risk Management into Monitoring and Evaluation
Risk management does not end with the grant check. Unlike due diligence, risk management is an ongoing process. This document provides specifc guidance on how funders can address and mitigate risk through the monitoring and evaluation process and o ers sample language for funders to adopt or adapt.
Open Road Resource
How to Incorporate Risk Management into RFPs and Grant Application Forms
Funders can help pave the way for more transparent exchanges with nonpro ts about potential risks to impact by raising the topic of risk in RFPs and grant application forms, which should align with their risk pro le. This document provides speci c guidance on how funders can do that, and o ers sampl
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