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News / Jul. 3rd 2016
Detroit Free Press

A Detroit group that gives new life to wood, doors and antique fixtures salvaged from deserted homes is getting its own revival. With no strings attached, Reclaim Detroit said it has received a $100,000 grant after a fire destroyed a workshop, tools and wood saved from more than 100 houses…. Read more »

News / May. 24th 2016

Nonprofits and their funders need to plan for—and budget for—unforeseen events that can disrupt worthy projects.

News / May. 12th 2016
Exponent Philanthropy

Many philanthropists these days consider themselves at the cutting edge of innovation and problem-solving. Perhaps at a programmatic level we are, since through philanthropy we have eradicated age-old diseases, supported mass social movements, and turned around entire cities. Yet despite our modern successes, philanthropists do not have a habit of expecting the unexpected.

News / Apr. 15th 2016
Inside Philanthropy

“Unexpected things happen in the world,” philanthropist and psychologist Laurie Michaels, Ph.D., tells Inside Philanthropy. Most nonprofits, though, aren’t prepared for the sharp curves that they may meet.

This is a problem, which is why Michaels founded the Open Road Alliance to meet a demand for fast, flexible contingency funding for nonprofits.

News / Mar. 16th 2016
Philanthropy News Digest

  In this piece, Maya Winkelstein, Open Road’s executive director writes about how at Open Road we are learning to think about money not as the solution to problems but as a fungible resource that can be shaped into tools and used to help solve problems.

News / Feb. 15th 2016

  Last fall, I started researching the topic of risk in philanthropy for a conference session. I wrote a post soliciting feedback on the topic and cited a couple of the resources I’d found useful. Some of the best thinking I’ve found comes from the team at the Open Road… Read more »

News / Jan. 27th 2016

Read how Open Road Alliance’s work highlights how open and honest conversations can help to anticipate and mitigate risk — ensuring unforeseen circumstances don’t prevent positive impact..

News / Sep. 18th 2015

This post was originally featured on Case Foundation’s Be Fearless Spotlight. Be Fearless Spotlight is a part of a special blog series by the Case Foundation featuring Be Fearless stories from the field. The series highlights people and organizations that are taking risks, being bold and failing forward in their… Read more »